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Create Physical & Spiritual well being through the use of these stones to Rebalance & Remove Any Stagnant or Negative Energy. You will receive a Stone that resonates with each of the seven Chakra's, as well as a piece of Selenite that may be used to Cleanse   Stones, as well as your Auric Field. The Main 7 Chakra Stones you will receive are as follows.  RED-Base Chakra = Black Obsidian. Located at the base of the tail bone, it represents Foundation & Grounding, Physical Security, Safety & Survival. Associated with Family & Financial Independence.

Orange- Sacral Chakra = Carnelian. Located below the Navel ... It Represents Creativity, Sexuality, Accepting New Situations, Pleasure.                                                                

Yellow - Solar Plexus = Yellow Aventurine. Located about 2 inches above the Navel... It represents Confidence, Personal Power, Self Esteem, Self Worth, Will & Empowerment.

Green - Heart Chakra =  Green Aventurine. Located in the middle of the chest it Represents Joy, Love, Compassion, Empathy, & the Ability to Love and be Loved.

Blue- Throat Chakra = Sodalite. Located in the middle of the Neck at the pit of the Throat it Represents Communication, Self Expression, & Speaking your Truth.

Purple - Third Eye = Amethyst. Located in between the Brow Area it Represents Intuition, Insight, Inner Knowing, Ability to Think Clearly & Make Decisions, Wisdom.

White - Crown Chakra = Clear Quartz. Located at the Top of the Head it Represents Connection to the Divine, Spirituality, Bliss, Higher Consciousness, Oneness.

Each Chakra Stone Varies in Size from 2-4 cm.                    Selenite Wands Vary from 3-5 cm wide x 18-25 cm Length. Each Stone Is Uniquely Grown & Shaped, Stones may Vary in Colour & Shape From Those Pictured and May Have Natural Inclusions

$25.00 $28.95
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