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My Ancestral Vibe was created to introduce you to a unique store, featuring Spiritual and Metaphysical Crystals and Tools from many countries around the world.

Our intention is to assist humanity in embracing self-love, and acceptance.

Crystals and Gemstones have long been associated with Healing, Protection, Emotional Well being and other metaphysical properties.

By taking a step into your Heart and learning the healing powers and processes offered by mother Earth's Crystals you will open up to a world of Self Healing where unconditional Love fills every cell of your being.

Crystals embody not only simplistic beauty, but a multitude of Energies that activate our Mind, Body and Soul.

I believe that all Crystals hold unique loving Vibrational Energies that assist humanity in discovering our true divine magnificence.

As we connect to a crystal and it's energies, it allows us to align and connect to the same healing energy that exists within each of us.

Crystals amplify and bring more light into our being, enabling and supporting us in healing and transformation as they bring us back into our pure natural state of being.

My Ancestral Vibe has a myriad of stunning Crystals from Tumbled Stones, Rough, Shaped,and Specimen Pieces to complement your Meditative Practices, Healings, Sacred Spaces, Grids, Energy Work.

All our Crystals are Ethically Sourced and hand picked for our store.

Each Crystal will vary in size, shape, weight and colour due to it's natural texture.

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