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My Ancestral Vibe


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Enhydro Crystal Agate Stone That Contains Bubbles of Water Inside. These Bubbles of Water got Trapped Inside the Crystal as the Crystal Was Growing. The Most Valuable Enhydro Crystals are those That Have Moving Bubbles. An Air Pocket is Present in the Crystal, Causing the Water Bubble to Move up and Down right within the Pocket. These Crystals usually Grow in or around Water Tables. They Form in Skeletal layers and then Trap the Water inside the Crystal. Enhydro Crystals Contain Water that's over a Hundred Million Years Old.  The Water inside Enhydro Crystals is Free of Contaminates of Mankind Industrial pollution. This Makes it an Ideal Crystal to use if you're Seeking for the Purity of the Mind, Body, Or Soul. This Water can be Considered the Elixir of Life and Holds all the Purity of the Divine Plan. You can Meditate with an Enhydro Crystal with the Objective of Connecting with the Divine Plan. This Crystal will also give you a strong link to your Akashic records. Working with Enhydro Crystal is also very good for Purging and Cleansing the Build up of Toxins in your Body. Enhydro Crystals will Assist you in Expressing and Communicating your Feelings From a Heart Level. It Will Open You to Deep Levels of Being and To Receiving Divine Love. It will Heighten your Sensitivity and Intuitive State, and it will Assist you in Counselling, Healing, and all your Psychic Endeavors. It Will also Enhance your Spiritual Receptivity. This Crystal will Increase your Sense of Empathy and Understanding. It will Make you More Compassionate to the Plight of Others, and it will Inspire You To Do Your Part and Make a Difference in their Lives. This Crystal can Help Transform, Transmit, Focus, Amplify, Store, and Structure Energies that will be very Beneficial to the Body. It can also Enhance your Thoughts and Emotions for the Better. It can Heal, Balance, Strengthen, and Cleanse the Chakra's, which can Result to your Physical, Emotional, and Mental Healing. This Crystal will Connect you to People who can Help Get Your Foot In The Door. It will Connect you to Old Friends and Colleagues who will Bring new Earning Opportunities to you. Enhydro Crystals Will Work Through Your Emotional Issues With You So That You Can Experience Change In Your Life. It Signifies Feelings that Need to Address so that Emotional Healing Will Take Place. The Water Elements in Enhydro Crystals Relate To Feelings. It Will Cleanse and Purify Your Emotions and Thoughts, allowing You To Speak With Integrity, Wisdom, And Truth. Meditate with an Enhydro Crystal if you Wish to Bring Forth Important Information about Yourself, or If You Need To Learn Lessons On Never Giving Up And Shutting People Out. Enhydro Crystals Will Support Crystal Light Healing. it's Recommended that You Place A Piece of This Crystal Under Your Pillow Or On Your Nightstand Whilst You Sleep. It Will Wash Away All The Negative Energies and Transmute Them Into Positive Ones.

This Beautiful Agate Enhydro brings the perfect balance between the elements of Earth & Water. Through the power of Agate Enhydro's connection to water, you learn Endurance, Strength, Courage and the Ability to overcome Challengers in your Life.