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My Ancestral Vibe


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Amethyst: One of the Most Powerful and Potent Crystals on the Planet, here to Assist in Healing all Forms of Trauma. Helps you to move through lifelong Addictions and Patterns as you Awaken to the Core Issues that Created the need for Addiction. Assists deep Spiritual Awakening. Supports and Enhances Emotional Intelligence and Balances Emotions.

Smoky Quartz: Powerful Grounding Crystal. Enhances a Deep Connection to Mother Earth and her Healing Vibration. Facilitates your connection back to nature and allows you to Recieve the Deep Peace and Tranquility that comes with such an experience. Transforms Negative Energy and Thought Forms, allowing you to Feel Rejuvenated. Supports you in Dissolving Fears and Limitations. Assists you in Moving through Panic Attacks and Anxiety. Reminds you to Breath Deeply and Embrace Life.

SIZE 7.5