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My Ancestral Vibe


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Harness The Power Of Crystal Vibrations To Bring Positive Energy To Your Life. Raise your Vibration and Enhance Your Aura By Allowing Crystal Infused Water To Bring Healing Energies and Inspiration To Your Everyday. 

  • Cleansed  With Sound And Crystal Energy Of Pure Quartz Singing Bowls And Charged Under The Full Moon. Aqua Aura Bottles Come With An Infuser And Crystals Included.
  • Crystal Capsules Can Be Opened And Gems Can Be Interchanged.
  • Choose Your Elixir From The Seven Chakras.
  • Crown - Amethyst For Spirituality & Meditation.
  • Third Eye - Lapis Lazuli For Peace And Truth.
  • Throat - Aquamarine For Truth & Courage.
  • Heart - Rose Quartz For Love and Kindness.
  • Solar Plexus - Citrine For Abundance & Protection.
  • Sacral - Carnelian For Creativity & Motivation.
  • Root - Black Onyx For Grounding & Protection.
  • Use Your Infuser For Tea, Fruit, Herbs, Lemon, Ginger, Cucumber or Simply take it out until Needed.
  •  Each Bottle comes with Crystal Chips included.
  • Bottles are dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • Each Bottle includes a tea infuser.
  • Make your own Powerful Elixir.