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Amethyst is a Violet variety of quartz, and it can be used to treat headache, imbalanced hormones, indigestion, tumors, broken bones, acne, and tissue degeneration. This stone is sometimes used to regulate blood sugar levels, and it bolsters the health of the nervous system. It support's well-being on all levels and is a helpful adjunct to many other healing stones.


This Violet gemstone helps one overcome anxiety, stress and other condition's. It conquers bad habits and addictions, and it promotes equanimity.
Amethyst bridges the mental and spiritual realms, helping us cultivate trust in our inner guidance.


Amethyst is famous for it's spiritual properties, including enhanced meditation and dreaming, psychic development, spiritual cleansing, and connecting to higher realms. It is a stone of wisdom and serenity, and it facilitates spiritual alchemy. Amethyst highlights our most limiting condition's so that we can release them. Amethyst can be used to transmute the energy of ones environment.