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Copper Crystal Healing Information

For what and How Does One Use it?

Copper is an amazing energy conductor – on all levels! It provides a bi-directional connection with Mother Earth. Copper throws light upon the base reasons for negativity within the mind and body, helping transform them to the positive state.

Copper works well in cooperation with other crystals, it provides a “channel/map” that the other crystals energy can then utilize to deliver energy to where it is needed most. Copper also has a strong grounding influence, so the body will better retain the higher vibrational energy the other crystals have delivered. This amazing metal will also seek to balance different energy regions of the body. I.e. if one region is low, and another is high, Copper will again provide a channel between these two regions to bring a harmonious balance to both the effected areas.

On a physical level, Copper has a strong influence on good digestion. Cellular integrity is augmented and all major bodily organs are cleansed and energized. Copper is very effective against arthritis, especially when used in elixir form. It is a very effective tool in regards of clearing both toxins and cosmic radiation from the body. Copper can certainly be considered a master healer.