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Azurite Malachite Properties and Meaning – Azurite Malachite is a member of the Copper family. Azurite Malachite comes in both massive and crystalline form, with colors ranging from green to blue. Read more about Azurite Malachite healing properties information .

Azurite Malachite Fast Facts

Azurite Malachite Healing Properties and Meaning

Chakra Associations -  Heart, Solar Plexus

Subtle Bodies  -   Etheric, Emotional
Zodiac Sign  -      Capricorn

Positions On Body  -  Heart

Musical Note    -  F

Emotional Influence   - Anxiety Eased, Stability

Spiritual Gifts   - Astral Projection, Clairvoyance

Diseases Treated  -  Muscular Dystrophy, Liver Cirrhosis, Skin Diseases

Nutrients Boosted  - Copper, Zinc, Vitamins A & E

Psychological Influence  -  Discipline

Physical Body  - Liver, Skin Tissue, Skeletal System

Intuitive Healing – Spiritual Trigger Words & Phrases For Azurite Malachite

We like to fully encourage people to use their intuition when it comes to crystals! We believe that every individual is unique, so too is every crystal, thus a unique experience will always occur!
Sweet Dreams
Floating Bliss
All Seeing

General Azurite Malachite Crystal Healing Information

Azurite is very soothing and calming for the emotions. It enhances one’s psychic abilities and is very good to use in all general healing uses. You can use the smaller nodules on your closed eyes to soothe and sharpen the eyesight. It can be used to balance the electrochemical system of the body and provide a flow of energy from the 3rd eye to the heart chakra. It is a very inspirational stone indeed!

Malachite is a superb stone for treating trauma, be it emotional or physical. It has a very absorbent and drawing nature, so if one places Malachite next to the traumatized area, it will “draw” the trauma out. Due to this absorbent nature Malachite needs to be cleansed fairly regularly, especially if you notice the color fading. Burying it in earth is a very effective method.

Malachite has a very centering energy about it, great for helping one find their place in the universe. It helps with reconstruction on a cellular level, particularly the skeletal structure.
Malachite is an all rounder, grounding, expanding, and nurturing. It is a bridge between the intuitive and intellectual sides of ourselves.

When Azurite is combined with Malachite, the combination is particularly effective with healing bone and muscle injuries.