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My Ancestral Vibe


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Tigers Eye Merkaba Star.

Tigers Eye = Inner Strength & Motivation. Balancing the lower chakras, tigers eye grounds you to the earth whilst connecting you to the energies of the sun. A motivating and encouraging stone, tigers eye helps you to recognize inner strength, clarify your intentions and provides emotional balance. Know as the all-seeing-all-knowing eye, this stone can help you identify your own wants and needs, abilities and strengths and heal issues of self-worth. use tigers eye to keep your eye on the prize and achieve your goals.

Merkaba = The Merkaba represents Pure Divine Energy, Constantly spinning, Harmonizing, Balancing, Flowing, Moving and expanding in all four directions at all times supporting you where you want to go. It is said we can travel via a Merkaba into any spiritual Dimension as it is infinitely circulating the flow of energy from the divine trinity with all elements, in all directions and all at the same time. It harmonizes male and female energy, so understanding how to work with it can literally allow you to manifest all desires. The greater energy field that surrounds our body beyond our auric field is our own Merkaba. Healers who see Auras are seeing this that changes and ranges from 6-36 Inches, sometimes more and our etheric field, or light body, goes beyond the aura expanding up to 600 feet when fully energized. A healthy functioning Merkaba is two tetrahedrons spinning incredibly fast in opposite directions, creating a light body that is capable of inter-dimensional and interstellar travel. Ascended Masters use their Merkaba to connect with higher realms and spirits, it is said the chariots of fire in the bible are actually referencing the Merkaba. When active, the Merkaba taps us into ALL Source energy and Matrix we call earth, DNA is fully turned on and many believe the potentional for immortality and even time travel are there, but even more amazing is there is your body can heal itself here, and limitless creation is possible.

ACTIVATE 7 PROGRAM YOUR MERKABA                                 Each of our Merkaba's are in constant connection with Source, so your creative Matrix allows you to combine Soul Intention with the Spark of Source energy to create any reality you choose. Like Crystals, it is programmed through Meditation and Intentions, as long as it's actively spinning, which is done through Breathing Exercises and by Instructing Intentions. Luckily only you control your Merkaba, no other Human may do so, although Healers can help with Breathwork to support your work. active programming is very Yang in Energy, task-specific, detailed and proactive; if there is Negative Energy Emanating from another person you can program your Merkaba to Deflect it. If you desire a specific Job Or Relationship, your Merkaba can Reach In the Energy Matrix and Help Conspire to Create this Reality. Try creating a statement like; Merkaba I program you to flow with ease in this physical reality and to see that all my needs and desires are fulfilled for the highest good of all involved.

  • If you would like to know how to program your Merkaba feel free to contact me and I will send you a detailed explanation.