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My Ancestral Vibe


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LABRADORITE is an effective massage tool for pain, as it draws out any imbalance that is responsible for the pain. This gemstone is soothing. It alleviates cold and flu and supports the function of the kidneys. Working with Labradorite can provide insight into the root cause of confusing physical symptoms.

Labradorite strengthens visionary skills and enhances the imagination. It is also helpful for an overactive imagination or excessive daydreaming, as it focuses the imagination on concrete goals and counteracts escapism. It is an effective stone for overcoming extreme introversion and depression. This gemstone supports problem-solving skills.

Labradorites's spectral colors, called labradorescene, echo it's effect in the energy field: it strengthens and brightens the aura, repairing any leaks, tears, and attachments. Labradorite strengthens the boundaries of the auric field, making it a helpful stone for psychic protection. It is also useful for meditation, manifestation, and spiritual development. It helps to maintain a connection to and awareness of our divine purpose, especially through the feedback of our inner guidance and our innate psychic talents.