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My Ancestral Vibe


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Double Terminated Rainbow Chakra Crystal is held in a lovely Tibetan designed Silver half circle near the top & has 7 chakra gemstones which are bonded together to form the actual "Rainbow" Crystal Double Point Pendant.

  • This Pendant correlates to the chakra points of energy throughout the body & since all crystals give off healing energy which can be used to Heal, Unblock or Balance these energy points you can use this pendant to heal yourself, raise your energy vibrations or bring your whole body into harmony.
  • This can stimulate optimum mentality, energy, and physical health. There are 7 gemstones, each one corresponds to the 7 Chakras throughout the body. Please take note that as with any natural creation there may be some slight size or colour variation, as well as natural inclusions. 

Chain included with the pendant.    61.7 mm length taken from the bail to tip.