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Pyrite is a grounding stone that offers protection from negative thoughts and energies. A stone for motivation keep this crystal in your work or study space to stop procrastination and keep you focussed and determined. The incredibly powerful and inspiring energy of this stone can light the fire in your belly, enpowering you down the path to success. Radiating optimism and happiness, use this crystal to manifest abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life.

Pyrite is an excellent stone for mental order, memory, and recall. It strengthens willpower and combats fear. Working with Pyrite improves self-confidence, creativity, and assertiveness, so it is a good choice in treating depression, apathy, and low self -esteem.

While Pyrite is protective it also enables quick and easy grounding. This stone increases our ability to anchor higher energies on the material plane, thereby facilitating manifestation and spiritual development. Pyrite inspires action, and it also draws wealth.