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Quartz Crystal Chakra Healing Wand.

  • The picture featured in this listing is for visual presentation, the wands are totally handcrafted and they may vary a little in colour and parameters to some extent because of it's natural characteristics.                             
  • A genuine, clear quartz point stands at one end and the base is decorated by a polished clear quartz ball, they are adorned with silver with the seven chakra stones running down the centre of the wand.                               
  • Chakras are the centres of awareness in the human body. They influence cells, organs, and the entire hormone system and can affect one's thoughts and feelings. They are also centres of psychic energy. The seven main chakra's form an axis of radiating energy that extends from the base of the spine to the top of the head.
  • Chakra means wheel of light in Sanskrit. Quartz is known as the "must-have" stone for meditation. The natural quartz is said to both harmonize and align human energies with the energies of the universe. It is recognized as the ultimate "power stone".
  • The quartz chakra healing wand is a powerful meditation aid. Use it with other crystals and to clear blocked energy flow of the individual chakras. Touch the stone on the wand that represents the chakra you want to address. 
  •  Activating your crystal wand.                                             Hold your wand in your hands, concentrate on it and say out loud; I dedicate this crystal wand to the highest good of all who come into contact with it; if you would like to "programme"  the crystal for a specific purpose state clearly what that is.