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My Ancestral Vibe


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 Meaning & Energy

Crocoite is a very interesting mineral that gives off high vibrational energy. This mineral works to activate, unlock and link your root, heart, and crown chakras together. This important connection helps you root your most important thoughts and emotions down to an earthly plane so that they can then be grounded.
Only once you are able to come to terms with your ideas and emotions, can you move forward and take action. The most important step when trying to do this is just taking the initial jump. A lot of people have trouble making the leap due to fear and insecurities, but Crocoite can be the perfect ally.
This special mineral helps keep your mind focused and clear when on the path of following your dreams. It provides you with “tunnel vision” to help avoid distractions and derailments from your truest desires. Crocoite also assists you with keeping an open and clear heart space, allowing your truest emotions to channel through you. Being able to use your positive emotions while chasing after your goals will only enhance the experience thus making each and every moment meaningful.
After Handling Crocoite Please Wash Your Hands.