Cleansing and Activating

To cleanse your skull, try running water over it or fan sage smoke around the skull. Once cleansed, the crystal can be placed in the sunlight for a few hours to be re-energised. Being grounded is essential when channeling to help you from floating off. Placing Smokey Quartz or Hematite at your feet will assist with this.


After cleansing, you can try activating your skull. With your hands on the cranium, imagine a white light filling your crystal skull. Once the skull feels full, attempt communication; you may ask questions like if it has a name or any insights for the moment. At first, you might feel tingling or a buzzing sensation but with practice, clear contact will happen.


When working with your skull you may see its messages by looking into its eyes or you may hear what it has to say by placing the skull just behind your ear. Placing your hands on the cranium of the skull is another efficient way of intuitively receiving information. The messages received can relate to past, present or future. Covering your skull with a cloth at the end of your channeling is helpful to cut off ties and further information.


Gridding with Skulls

Using your crystal skull in a grid can amplify its energy. Try placing your skull as the centrepiece of your grid and add other crystals like clear quartz points in sacred geometry shapes along with any other crystal that enhance your intention for the grid.